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O NetFlix fará uma transmissão de filmes onde tiveram como protagonistas ou pelo menos uma participação de Wrestlers, a lista indica os 12 melhores filmes, confira-a em sua sinopse original clicando em "Continuar Lendo". www. ultimatefightnews .blogspot. com

Legendary - WWE Studios drama starring John Cena.

Knucklehead - WWE Studios comedy starring Big Show.

Hitman Hart : Wrestling with Shadows - documentary on the Bret Hart/Montreal/WWF incident in 1997. I just watched this last week and it's an amazing time capsule of not just Hart and the incident, but the wrestling business at the time.

Lipstick & Dynamite - Ruth Leitman's fun 2004 documentary on the pioneers of women's wrestling, including Penny Banner, Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Gladys "Kill 'em" Gillem and more.

Sting - A Moment of Truth - The 2004 Christian Faith-based "documentary" on the career and spiritual life of WCW and TNA star Sting, who plays himself in the film.

Ready to Rumble - The 2000 WCW film that many would soon prefer to forget, which also spawned David Arquette's WCW World title win. Oliver Platt stars as an exiled wrestling star who is brought back to prominence by Arquette and Scott Caan. A ton of WCW personalities from that time period, including Goldberg, are featured.

MadBull - The 1977 film starring Alex Karas (years before he became Webster's dad on TV) as "Mad Bull" Karkus, a tormented pro wrestler whose personal life has been on the skids since his wife abandoned him because of his controversial career. Yet his interest in love reignites when he meets fellow Greek Christina Sebastiani. Christina's sensitive concern convinces Mad Bull that he can be loved for more than his fame and fortune, but a deranged stalker threatens his newfound peace."

Below The Belt - The 1980 film starring Regina Baff as Rosa Rubinsky, a waitress who enters the world of professional wrestling. The film features the legendary Mildred Burke, playing herself, as Rubinsky's trainer.

The Backyard - Paul Hough's great 2002 documentary on the world of Backyard wrestling, which won a number of film festival awards. Rob Van Dam is featured in the film as well.

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters - A 1982 film about a female wrestler wanting to retire, but forced to remain in the ring by her mother to help pay for her brother's surgery. Features an overdubbed dialouge by the infamous Troma Studios.
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Luchamania: La Batalla por Mexico:
Listed as a 2008 release, Luchamania features a series of matches between Rey Misterio Sr. and Psicosis.

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain - Children's comedy featuring Hulk Hogan.

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